P4A Candidate Fellowship

A no-cost opportunity for select candidates for the Pennsylvania House and Senate to accelerate their efforts in pursuit of winning elections in 2018.

About the Pittsburghers for America Candidate Fellowship

The P4A Candidate Fellowship offers no-cost* initial technical assistance to Pennsylvania House and Senate candidates who align with P4A’s values.

P4A, a political action committee, is focused on helping candidates win elections in 2018. The Candidate Fellowship is one of the vehicles P4A will use to advance that goal.

Leveraging the talents of volunteers from around the region, Pittsburghers for America will work directly with candidates to help build the critical initial infrastructure needed to credibly mount a campaign for the Pennsylvania House and Senate. With access to up to 50 hours of experienced talent and expertise, candidates can spend more time in their communities and focus on what is most important — winning the election.

What We Offer: Our Collective Time and Talent.

Full-featured and responsive website to inform constituents, attract donations, and enhance the credibility of your candidacy.
Graphic Design
Basic logo and identity package, along with templates and tools that will increase your visibility quickly.
Writing and Editing
Skilled writing and editing talent to help sharpen your message on the web and in press releases.

Photo sessions with professional photographers that will maximize your credibility.

Experienced Guidance
Access to a network of advisors with political experience who can provide feedback and insight into campaign strategy.
Fundraising Support
Support from our network of supporters and future access to P4A fundraising platforms.

Candidate Fellowship
Application Timeline

The P4A Candidate Fellowship will accept applicants on a rolling basis through Tuesday, September 5. Open slots will be awarded to select candidates on a first-applied, first-accepted basis.

  1. 7/19/2017Open call for candidates (apply here)
  2. 8/7/2017P4A Candidate Fellowship begins
  3. 9/5/2017Last applications accepted
  4. 9/20/2017P4A Candidate Fellows publicly announced
  5. 12/8/2017Continuing operations turned over to candidate

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in applying, but not sure if it’s for you? Check out this FAQ:

Will this win me the election?

Obviously, we can’t guarantee an electoral outcome (i.e., there is no warranty, expressed or implied). What we do know from our research is that much of the initial time and money raised for an election goes to paying for the technical support we’re offering in the Candidate Fellowship. Our goal is to accelerate the candidacies of the selected fellows so that they can spend more time in their communities.

What services am I really getting?

We believe that each candidate is different and will require different services based on their background, skill level, and experience. These services can include:

  • Website
    • A fully functional WordPress website based on your graphics identity. You and your staff will have a login to access the website backend to make edits, add news and blog posts, and revise as needed.
    • Assistance in setting up social media accounts
    • Assistance in setting up an online payment gateway for donations
  •  Identity
    • Provide up to three logo concepts, with up to two revisions of the chosen concept
    • Final logo design in usable formats (.eps, .jpg, .png)
  • Writing and Editing
    • Assistance with crafting core campaign messages
    • Press release templates
  • Photography
    • A photo session with a professional photographer
    • High-resolution images to use on your website, print materials, social media channels, etc.
  • Experienced Guidance
    • Support and advice from a network of advisors who have been candidates or have been involved in campaigns in the past
  • Fundraising Support
    • Support through our network of individuals and future P4A fundraising efforts

Additionally, we have volunteers approach us daily to support our efforts, and will match their talents to needs when available.

Do you know what you're doing?

Candidly, yes and no. We’re a group of professionals who have experience assembling teams of high-performing individuals to get big things done. On the flip side, outside of our advisors, we’re new to the political realm. We’re simply a group of concerned citizens who are offering to apply our skills to a new area.

If you’re looking for proven, experienced political operatives, this Candidate Fellowship might not be for you.

Who owns everything I get as a Candidate Fellow?

Short answer: You do.

Long answer: You’ll have an unlimited license for the work that we turn over to you, though P4A will retain the right, along with the volunteers who produced the work, to use it in portfolios, make derivatives of that work, etc. Your website will be hosted by us on our servers, and we’ll register your domain name for you as well. However, if at any time you want to take over control of the domain or move to alternate servers, we’ll work with you to do just that.

When does the Candidate Fellowship end?

As a volunteer group, we’ll work with each candidate to determine the best way to transition our work to you and/or your team. We expect that handoff to be completed by December 8, 2017.

You have an asterisk next to "no cost." Why?

When we say “no cost,” we mean that we’re not charging the candidate for any of the services we provide as part of the Candidate Fellowship. In that light, there are still costs associated with the work that we do (domain transfers, email accounts through a third-party vendor, and printing costs, to name a few). No cost means that we won’t ask for payment for any of the services we provide, but some of the costs associated with our work are outside of our control.

I'm not a candidate, but would love to volunteer my time and talent. How can I do that?

Thank you! The more volunteers we have, the more candidates we can help!

Visit our contact page (click here) or send an email to fellowship@pittsburghersforamerica.com, and we’ll be in touch!

I still have questions! How can I contact you directly?

We understand that this FAQ might not be comprehensive. Feel free to use our contact form on our application page (click here) or email us at fellowship@pittsburghersforamerica.com, and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.