About Pittsburghers for America

About Pittsburghers for America

Pittsburghers for America (P4A) is a political action committee that formed in response to the drastic changes in our country’s political discourse since the November 2016 election around the values of justice, the common good, equality, truth, and democracy. The group’s objective is to:

  • aggregate the time and talents of concerned citizens to target, support, and elect candidates who align with P4A’s values, and
  • do something tangible every month in support of its values or related issues.

Originally started as a neighborhood group (Bartlett Street Assembly), the organization has grown to include supporters from across southwestern Pennsylvania.

Pittsburghers for America Values


We believe in fair treatment from the government. We recognize the tension between rule of law and moral justice. Additionally, we respect the separation of powers, particularly an independent judiciary.


We value a disciplined, organized mode of thought in deciding what is true and false. We believe in intellectual integrity and value prioritizing expert opinion, scientific exploration, and debate.


We believe that all citizens be granted equal treatment under the law as outlined in the U.S. Constitution. We value diversity in its many forms and the varied perspectives it brings.


We believe strongly in maintaining the integrity of the American democratic process, with a particular support of one person, one vote. We strongly oppose voter suppression and gerrymandering, as well as attacks on the democratic process through the use of Super PACs.

Common Good

We recognize the importance of public goods, particularly when market failures create negative consequences for people. We believe in the preservation of environmental standards, health care for all and the social safety net.

Leadership Team